Which Countries Have More Women Working Than Men?

Sylvia Powell
2 min readDec 5, 2023

In 2022, 39.5% of the workforce around the world was found to be female while men nearly double that number making up 60.5% of the world’s workforce. Although, you may be surprised to learn that in some countries the number of women that are working actually outnumber the number of men working. Which areas of the world will you find these countries? The answer lies in this graphic from Qualtrics.com that ranks 180 countries by the percentage of the workforce who are women. Below is a map pulled from the graphic for a quick look at the countries with the largest female workforce.

via Qualtrics.com

I was surprised to see how how high countries in second and third world countries ranked when exploring the full list of 180 countries. Second-world country, Armenia earn the number one ranking with an impressive 52.76% of its workforce who are female. Armenia and the other 9 countries that make up the top 10 were the only ones found to have more females than males in their respective workforces.

  1. Armenia 52.76%
  2. Turkmenistan 52.61%
  3. Burundi 51.96%
  4. Mozambique 51.63%
  5. South Sudan 51.3%
  6. Zimbabwe 50.68%
  7. Macao 50.24%
  8. Belarus 50.15%
  9. Barbados 50.1%
  10. Lithuania 50.06%

Where on the list did your home country rank in terms of the percentage of women in the workforce?