How Often Do Americans Poop?

Sylvia Powell
2 min readNov 30, 2023

Have you ever wondered if your pooping habits are normal? Or how they compare to that of your fellow American? I know I have, and I’m sure many of you have as well. We do it so often (some more than others!) that we can’t help but to ponder its existence while we sit atop our porcelain thrones.

Well ponder no more as a waste services company has answered the burning questions we have in regards to our bathroom habits. All American Waste Services, Inc. (AAWSI) created a nationwide survey of Americans from every state to determine “Which state poops the most?”. AAWSI specialises in portable toilet rentals so you know they’ve got the inside scoop on just how often people poop. With the results of their survey, AAWSI ranked all 50 states based on the average number of poops their residents take in a day. I’ve shared the top 5 states below but you can find the complete list of all 50 states here.

  1. Michigan residents poop the most with an average of 2.182 poops per day.
  2. Idaho was a close second with an average of 2.177 poops per day.
  3. New Jersey residents rank 3rd with an average of 1.960 poops per day.
  4. Iowa ranks 4th with its residents reporting an average of 1.938 poops per day.
  5. Vermont lands in 5th place with an average of 1.903 poops per day.

How many times does the average American poop in a single day? According to the survey results, the nationwide average is 1.598 poops per day. How do your own pooping habits compare to the rest of America?

Here is a quick look at the map portion of the chart, because those poops are too cute to not share!