Elon Musk’s Most Valuable Companies

Sylvia Powell
2 min readSep 26, 2023

Elon Musk’s rise to riches has been impressive to watch. He has conquered the tech world with his electric cars, satellites, and space rockets; and has grown extremely rich while doing so. So rich that he is considered to be the world’s richest person at the moment, and he may even be the first person to become a trillionaire. His net worth hovers somewhere in the two-hundred billion range depending on the day.

Which of the many companies he’s started have gotten him to such an incredible level of wealth? This chart from the Madison Trust Company shares a detailed breakdown of every company that Elon Musk owns, as well as his foundation and the companies that helped him get his start on the path to becoming a billionaire.

Elon Musk’s 5 Most Valuable Companies

  1. Tesla: $770. 2 billion
  2. SpaceX: $150 billion
  3. X (formerly Twitter): $15 billion
  4. The Boring Company: $5.7 billion
  5. Neuralink: $5 billion

Musk also has a foundation that he started early on. The Musk Foundation began in 2001 and as of the most recent data from 2021 it’s assets are valued at $9.4 billion. It’s interesting to note that $5.7 billion of those assets were donated by Musk’s biggest money maker, Tesla.

Which companies did Elon Musk own at the beginning of his entrepreneurial career? His first company was called Zip2 and it was an online business directory he started using funding from his wealthy father. He sold this company for a hefty sum and then went on to found and invest in several other companies that have turned him into the wealthy businessman he is today.

Which such a diverse portfolio of companies, what industry do you expect Elon Musk to expand into next?